Split w/ Hellhound, Distended, Fourth Seal

Hellhound, Distended, and Fourth Seal

Release Details

Split | 37:15
Heavy Metal / Thrash / Doom / Grindcore / Black Metal
A split between three unreleased yet established Colorado metal bands, with a variety of different metal styles and aesthetics. Hellhound is a no-bullshit thrash band from Colorado Springs, Distended is a grindy, doomy sludge two-piece from Denver, and Fourth Seal is a doom-tinged black metal two-piece from Denver. Nauseating Whiff's first real release and first recording from the Dungeon.

Release History
1401-01-01First PressCD-ROM50 copiesDecember 15, 2014Sold Out
1401-01-02First PressCD-R50 copiesDecember 15, 2014Available

Contributing Artists

Corey HellVocals (Hellhound)
Duff HammerBass (Hellhound)
SakeGuitar (Hellhound)
Matt HoundGuitar (Hellhound)
Blackjack MikkelsonDrums (Hellhound)
Anders DreadGuitars, Vocals R (Distended)
Thomas HorrorDrums, Vocals L (Distended)
AnonymousGuitar, Vocals (Fourth Seal)
AnonymousDrums (Fourth Seal)

Production Details

Other Contributors
LyricsCorey Hell, Thomas Horror, Anders Dread
ProducerThomas Horror
RecordingThomas Horror
MixingThomas Horror
MasteringThomas Horror
Cover ArtworkAdriana Mekan
Graphics & DesignThomas Horror and Adriana Mekan

Recording Information
Recorded AtNauseating Whiff Dungeon
Recording StyleLive w/ Vocal Overdub
Recording TypeDigital Multitrack
Recording DatesNovember-December 2014

'Whips and Chains' Choir: Corey, Duff, Matt, Sake, Blackjack, Anders, Thomas

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