Hating Life Part II: Still Hating Life


Release Details

EP | 16:30
Crust Metal
Maggotbreath (Denver, CO) comes out of hiding to present a crusty, grindy metal release with a heavy punk edge alongside thorough alcohol intake.

Release History
1503-01-01First PressCD-R50 copiesMarch 6, 2015Not Released

Contributing Artists

'Taint' Ted PustuleVocals
Manny FesterGuitar
Achilleus von KiefBass
T. Hektor LeadfootDrums
Anders DreadGuest Vocals on Tracks 4 & 10

Production Details

Other Contributors
ProducerThomas Horror
RecordingThomas Horror
MixingThomas Horror
MasteringThomas Horror
Cover Artwork'Judith Beheading Holofernes' by Carvaggio, 1599
Graphics & DesignThomas Horror

Recording Information
Recorded AtNauseating Whiff Dungeon
Recording StyleMulti-Tracking
Recording TypeDigital Multitrack
Recording DatesFebruary 28 - March 1 2015

Recorded in 48 hours, February 28 - March 1 2015.

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