High Demon

High Demon

Release Details

Demo | 35:46
Doom Metal
A new Denver extreme doom metal project -- created as though the basis of doom metal was Reverend Bizarre.

Release History
1509-00Digital ReleaseOctober 21, 2015
1509-01-01First PressDigipack50 copiesDecember 15, 2015In Stock

Contributing Artists

Thomas HorrorInstruments
Thomas HorrorVocals

Production Details

Other Contributors
Engineering & MasteringThomas Horror
MasteringThomas Horror
Cover ArtworkAdriana Michima
Graphics & Design (Digipack)Thomas Horror

Recording Information
Recorded AtNauseating Whiff Dungeon
Recording StyleMulti-Tracking
Recording TypeDigital Multitrack
Recording DatesSeptember 2015

See liner notes in digipack for information about amp stacks used and other equipment.

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